The Journey

In August 2016, CLTIVATE began as nothing more than a dream. It was founded out of my love for Charlotte, NC (hence, the CLT) & my passion for helping others recover from addiction. By December 2016, I was faced with the difficult decision of leaving my full-time job to pursue this crazy dream. So I did what any smart, wild, and free 29 year-old would do...I quit my job. 

A total leap of faith: no safety net, literally nothing in my bank account, just complete trust in God's perfect plan. Since I made the leap of faith, I've been working relentlessly to help as many people as I can, and to drastically increase addiction awareness all over the world. It's working. Now that people are reaching out from everywhere, it's time to take this mission on the road. 

If you'd like to bring CLTIVATE to your city, feel free to reach out to me! My email is:

The ultimate goal is to share God's love with people struggling with addiction, and to cultivate a stronger recovery community. I want to show people that being sober is awesome - because it is. I'm down to share my story with your small group at church, speak at a networking event, visit your local treatment centers and 12-step recovery programs, coordinate a hiking trip, a coffee shop takeover, whatever it takes to get the message out there that miracles still happen, and God can help anyone overcome addiction!

I'd also like to meet YOU, and share your story with the world. Whether you're also in recovery, you have a loved one who struggles, or you've been impacted by addiction/alcoholism in some other way, the world needs to know how real this is.

This will take an ARMY of support. If you're reading this, please don't leave without making your mark. Here's the link to give. This is a non-profit, and the only way to keep it going is for people to pitch in. If you don't have $1, you can share about CLTIVATE on Facebook with your friends. You never know who needs to hear this message!

Much Love!

-Zack (and Ziva)