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Homeless Outreach

Our churches spend so much time preaching about love on Sundays, but where is that love during the week? Is love not a verb? How can we say we care for the homeless, if our homes aren't open to them? How is it that so many church buildings just sit there during the week - completely unoccupied?

Please don't misunderstand me: Church is a good thing. Many churches are doing great things for the world. I just think it's time we take love to the next level and provide an unconditional place for people to stay, rest, shower, eat, and find the help they need.

In addition to opening a 24/7 facility to serve the community of Charlotte, I'm dreaming of a van - fully stocked with care packages, food, and love that we can bring to the streets of Charlotte every single day. I see mobile shower stations and free haircuts. I see the community coming together and BEING the love we all talk about.


If you believe in this mission, please don't hesitate to give. I believe in radical generosity, because it's radical generosity that saved my life. If you think $5 doesn't make a difference, I challenge you to say that to the homeless man who's currently digging through the trash to find food. (Sorry, I don't believe fluffy, fake language helps people. I believe in telling the truth, and the truth is: Your kindness matters!)

-Zack Gudzan, Founder