2016 Financial Summary

What an incredible year. I've worked day and night since August 1st, 2016 to build this non-profit from scratch. Every day has its challenges, but it's so worth it to be using my broken past to help other people have a future.

Here's the link to the 2016 Financial Summary.

I believe in full transparency, so I've included tabs which itemize all expenses and revenues. 
Where you see a big red $1,366.01, I see encouragement.
It takes many businesses YEARS to see a return on their investments.
To have accomplished all of this in just 5 months, while working another full-time job, I'm very pleased. 

Looking forward to an awesome 2017! Please get involved if you feel led to do so. I really, really need some help getting CLTIVATE off the ground & accomplishing its true purpose of helping others. 

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Thank you so much!

-Zack Gudzan, Founder