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CLTIVATE Meredith's Story

"This Christmas I am always more grateful to be spending it with family and not in jail, like I did two years ago. Alcohol became a way for me to fit in socially and made me feel "accepted." I had lots of friends, plenty of other drugs around me, and never had a dull weekend. I had no self love, and no self respect.

After my first DUI, I brushed it off and told myself I'd be smarter from now on... DUI's aren't that out of the ordinary, lots of people get them! But then the second one came, and I realized it was serious this time. I spent 22 days in jail and over 3 months on house arrest. Having to talk with my family through a video conference on Christmas from jail was the saddest and lowest point of my life.

I am now almost 2 years sober and life has never been so good. I've finally been able to love myself and treat myself with the respect and kindness I deserve. Those drinking buddies were no real friends at all, and I now see that and cherish the real relationships I am now able to build with others. I am so much more capable of anything I put my mind to, mentally and physically!  Sobriety has been the best gift I have ever given myself."

-Meredith from Mccordsville, Indiana

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