Jenny - Charlottesville, VA

This is Jenny's story, from Charlottesville, VA. Her story is exactly why we're doing this. What an amazing person, with an amazing love for God!

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"I was 22 years old when a pulmonary embolism almost took my life. What I thought was a running related leg injury was actually a DVT (deep vein thrombosis blood clot), which dislodged and went through my heart.

Sudden death is the #1 symptom of pulmonary embolism, but God sent me on the journey of my life by allowing me to live. I quickly became conscious that I was chosen to live; that my life had a purpose. The depression I carried most of my life blossomed into debilitating anxiety, though, as I struggled to understand what my purpose was. To that point, the only coping skills I’d developed to ease the ache of depression were various forms of substance abuse.

So as I began my new post-grad career (in management consulting, no less), I slowly drowned in the internal hell that was untreated mental illness and addiction, and failed to understand why God bothered to save me.

A light bulb went off after a year or two of treatment for my depression and anxiety. In a hungover, drug-fueled epiphany (breakdown), I realized that if I didn’t remove alcohol from my life completely, I would never be happy. I would never realize my life’s purpose and my own potential. And most definitely I would die by my own doing. Not one to take news like this lying down (well I had to, as I was too hung over to stand), I decided I would never drink alcohol again.

I can proudly say that it has been 525 days since that hangover, and by the grace of my savior Jesus Christ, I haven’t touched a drink. My sobriety is not an accident. I never thought it could be anything more than a burden, but it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. When God put sobriety upon my heart, after ignoring His call to rise above substance abuse for a decade*, He redeemed me from the self-loathing I’d lived with forever. I embraced a relationship with Him and without abandon leaned on Him through the struggles of early recovery.

I now seek to reflect the overwhelming, unconditional love He has shown me my entire life by befriending, empowering, advocating for, and serving the beautiful people I meet on this journey. If sharing my story with others is God’s will, then I will gladly testify that I am only happy today, sober today, peaceful today, and truly the person I was created to be because He intervened in my life."

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