To The Suffering

First of all, I want you to know you're not as alone as you feel right now.

I know that you're hurting, and you're asking yourself some awful questions.

You no longer see the purpose in living, and this world has become meaningless and heavy.

You need to know there's a love so deep, you're gonna drown in it. There's a battle being fought for your heart, and that's what you're feeling right now. 

There's no time to waste here. This letter found you, because you need to know what to do in this very moment.

You need to stop what you're doing, and fall to your knees. 

The chills you feel...that's the Holy Spirit. Allow yourself to rest in the peace and fullness of His presence. 

Jesus paid a steep price for this moment with you. He died for you. Let that sink in.

Are you going to keep running away?
Or will this be the moment where you surrender to His relentless pursuit of your heart?

Let your tears be the flood your burdens drown in. Let your Father's love be the hand that pulls you out. Breathe. Let the Spirit be the wind in your sails. And let your faith become the firm foundation upon which you rebuild your life. 

Your life is in pieces, because God wants you to build a new one. Start today.

You belong to Him now. Act like it. Be free. Get up. Carry His joy. And go tell others about what you just found. Suffer no more.

In the name of Jesus,
*Matthew 11:28-30*

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