Purple Hair

I used to be such a mean-spirited person. I made fun of nerds, shouted at homeless people, and picked on girls with purple hair. I judged people for so many years - without even knowing I was being judgmental. I thought I was better than everyone who didn't see things my way.
A girl with purple hair just walked into this Nashville coffee shop, and I just caught myself genuinely admiring her unique sense of spirit. Something must've changed inside of me.

This journey through sobriety has taught me so much about myself, about God, and how to treat others. I'm learning. But more importantly, I'm unlearning. I'm unlearning my assumptive thought patterns. I'm unlearning selfish behaviors. I'm unlearning fear and coping mechanisms. I'm unlearning emotional theft and trying to benefit form every situation. I'm unlearning everything the church taught me about God, and I'm seeing Him for myself. 
Who knows...maybe I'll end up with purple hair one day. 


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