March 9 - Positive

This new way of life is amazing in every way. My creativity is back in full force, I handle problems with grace, and I no longer carry burdens. I'm free!

I do, however, still have moments of feeling inadequate. I see rich people, and I think I'm poor. I see married people, and I realize I'm (very) single. I feel inexperienced and overwhelmed with my work. The future still kinda freaks me out. My anxiety is on a first-name basis with me, and I get trapped - sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours. But never more than that, because I've learned exactly what to do when I feel inadequate: Pray, go outside, encourage another person, hit the gym, read, smile, or do anything POSITIVE. 

It's funny how being positive makes my life more....positive. And it really is that simple. 

Being positive - addiction and recovery outreach blog by Zack Gudzan.

The other trick is to get a dog. You'll naturally become more pawsitive. 


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