March 6 - Forgiveness

I've made a ton of mistakes - some of them on purpose, even. Sobriety has taught me a manner of living that helps me avoid a ton of those old mistakes. For one, I don't drive drunk anymore. I hate to admit I did that on a regular basis, but I did. It's a wonder no one ever got hurt. But I still hurt people in a ton of other ways: lying, emotional theft, and total disregard for others. My life was about having fun, and I was willing to do whatever it took to get there.

I am forgiven. How to find forgiveness and how to forgive others. One Day at a Time

How blessed I am to have another chance at life. I've been forgiven. This doesn't mean I suddenly became perfect when I stopped partying, drinking, and doing drugs. But I did become whole again. My life now rests in the hands of my Maker - it always did, but now I see it. I tried to run from God for a very long time, yet He still rescued me on my darkest day.

In the same way, I must forgive others. No matter how deeply hurt, frustrated, or angry I am, I must forgive. I must always remember the way I used to live, and the way I treated others. I must respond to adversity with peace and love, because that's how God responds to my shortcomings. 

"Father, your love amazes me. Forgive me of my shortcomings, and give me a spirit of forgiveness toward others. Help me to understand your will and to abide in your love today. May your grace abound. Amen."


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