March 27 - Take Your Time

I tend to forget that life is eternal. What's the rush? Like, what is it that makes me feel like I have to act on everything immediately? 

When I think about it, everything that matters to me has taken a ton of time to get. Perfect example: Sobriety. Every single day that I stay sober adds to the value and quality of my life.

Another perfect example: My Faith. My relationship with God has had so many ups and downs (all because of me, lol - God never moved or changed), and I wouldn't have this intimate daily walk with Him if it wasn't for my years of addiction, pain, and trials. Also, don't let me fool you, I had plenty of fun, too ;)

Today, I will slow down - especially mentally. I will enjoy the little moments with my dog, and I will keep my cool in traffic. What's the rush?


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