March 26 - Songs of the Week

"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

Houndmouth is the first live band I got to see in sobriety. I was slightly terrified about going to see live music without a beer in my hand. I felt so...naked. I felt like everyone was staring at me. Then this band started playing - I had never heard of them before in my life. I was immediately able to escape my thoughts and get lost in the sound. In that moment I realized: I was finally FREE. 


This song is a little wild - I don't expect everyone to love it. But I do. It has been my constant reminder for 2+ years that everything I do in sobriety is so worth it. My happiness is proportional to what I fight for. If you see me jamming out in my truck, there's a strong chance this is playing haha.


I moved to Charlotte super early in sobriety. I just knew I needed to start over, so I did. My first night here, I went to an AA meeting - just HOPING that I could make some new friends here in sobriety. Charlotte became my home that night. A feeling I had never experienced before. I always felt out of place, destined for more, or just straight up restless. This song played on the drive home from that AA meeting, and I will never forget the feeling that overcame me with the November 2014 wind rushing through the air, the stillness of the night, and the movement in my heart.


Sometimes I like to be left alone to chill, think, and recharge. What I enjoy most about my alone time is finding new bands to fall in love with. I came across Mighty Oaks on a rainy Tuesday in early sobriety, and their music has played a huge role in helping me find my inner peace. Hope you like this one!


Another song that hit me right in the feels during my first year. Such a big part of my journey has been learning to release all those things I held inside for so long. All my anger, my resentment, my fear, my anxiety - the turbulence within my soul had to go somewhere if I was going to stay sober. There aren't words for how angry and emotional I felt during those first few weeks. I yelled at my sweet dog for no reason, I punched walls in my apartment, and I went to the bathroom 10 times a day at work just go in the stall and get it together. This song helped me learn to "let it all go, let all go, let it all out now."

On the off-chance you actually like my taste in music, here's the playlist of every song that carried me through my first year of sobriety:


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