March 24 - Truth Bomb

Sometimes I have a tough time choosing a topic to write about. There's just so much good stuff out there. But today, it was easy, because I was inspired by a message I heard this week. (Video at the bottom of this post).

Here's the major truth bomb:

It's from John 19:26 and the next couple of verses where Jesus is on the cross. Paraphrasing here, but basically, Jesus is hanging there, and only one of his disciples showed up: John. (That part alone blew me away, because you'd think his bros would be there when he's dying). Anyways, instead of Jesus asking, "Where are the rest of them?" He saw John beside his mother, Mary, and told John to take care of his mom.

The point that I get out of that, is that he didn't focus on what he didn't have. He focused on who was there for him. Which hit me hard, because I spend so much of my life wishing that special girl would show up, or wishing that my dad had been emotionally available, etc. And I forget about the people who are literally standing at my side (people like you, my mom, my brothers, and my church family).

Instead of constantly wishing I had more stuff, a perfect girl, etc., I need to take a close look at who's standing right in front of me, and love them unconditionally. That's all! Truth bomb DROPPED.


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