March 2 - How to Change

Change is impossible if your environment stays the same. 

I wanted to change for a very long time. My work wasn't fulfilling, my hangovers were unbearable, my hands were so shaky, and my depression was eating me alive. Still, nothing changed - until I asked for help. For me, that meant letting go of my pride and going to an AA meeting for the first time. My life changed that day.

How to Change - CLTIVATE One Day at a Time Blog

I quickly learned that I was going to need new friends, new places to hang out, entirely new hobbies, new everything. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you're struggling with something, it might be time to look around you. Believe it or not, there's a lot you can do to invite positive change in your life. In most cases, it means you're going to have to do something uncomfortable. Maybe it's finding a support group, trying a new hobby, or exercising harder than you ever have. Maybe you need to have a conversation with the person bringing you down. Maybe that person is you. 

I say all of that with love, because I've been there. It wasn't a great day when I fully realized that I was my own problem. But that realization brought me to a life I never thought was possible - a life of true freedom. 

Throughout my sobriety, I've made an incredible effort to do something uncomfortable every day. I challenge you to do the same thing. If things look dark, find another window to look through!




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