March 12 - Be Still And Know

When you're driving, do you ever wonder, "Where are all of these people going?" Like...the guy picking his nose in the car beside you...where's HE going? 

We all have our own agendas. We're all going different places. YET, we're all in the same boat, stuck on the same planet, living this crazy thing called life. With everything in perpetual motion, it's easy to forget what it's all about. 

Be still. Finding purpose in the calm. One Day at a Time blog by Zack Gudzan, founder of CLTIVATE

I'm willing to bet you probably have a few irons in the fire right now. Maybe the family has something going on (don't they always), maybe you're ready for a new job, or maybe you're just wondering what's next for you. Instead of wondering to myself, why don't I just ask God? I mean...he knows everything. Why don't I ask Him?

The first two years of my journey in sobriety was about "not drinking". Now, it's very different. I know drinking just isn't an option for me. I know that one drink will set in motion the endless cycle I fought so hard to leave. Now, my life is about managing all the different blessings God has thrown my way. Like, I have a list of a million things to do, then I blink, then it's the next day, and my list still hasn't been touched. 

Today, I have to be still. Sometimes, the best way to accomplish everything is to be still.

My trick (at the risk of sounding like a freak) is to go in my closet and shut the door. In the total (and outright creepy) darkness, I'm able to hit my knees and focus on the one thing that really matters: God. I say nothing. I just kneel and allow myself to be overcome by the presence of the Spirit. When that happens (and believe me, it happens every single time), I find a greater sense of focus, purpose, and meaning. I'm able to rise up, open the door, and enter my day with renewed vigor and confidence.

My prayer today is that YOU find the same sense of focus, purpose, meaning, vigor, and confidence. I pray that you would allow your soul to do the thinking today. That the very presence of your Maker would be at the forefront of your every thought today. My prayer is that you're able to smile at a stranger today. That the radiant fire within you is renewed and is evident to all. That you have the strength to face every curveball life has to offer with joy and peace.

Try the closet thing today. It works :)



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