Walking Under Grace

I've been living on the road for six months - in total faith, just trusting in God's provision. Six straight months of not having a home, a salary, health insurance, or any certainty about where I'll be tomorrow. I've gone many days without food, and sometimes I get rained on. My truck is riding on two spare tires, and my dog, Ziva, has a bad leg. And I'm the happiest I've ever been.

It's incredibly fulfilling to go to bed at night (whether that's in an actual bed, a tent, or my truck - with the seat tilted back and my leg asleep under the steering wheel) and know that I'm walking directly into the will of God.

He did not call us to be average, He did not call us to be materialistic, and He most certainly did not call us to sit in cubicles. If you're reading the same Gospel that I read, Jesus says to leave that old life behind, trust Him to provide, and fulfill the Great Commission. It's the same Jesus that came down from heaven, took on human form, endured all the pains of this world, took your sin upon Himself, and died on a cross - just so we can have eternal life. And all we have to do is believe in Jesus. It's a pretty sweet deal. If you're ignoring the very words of Jesus and calling yourself a Christian, my heart breaks for you.

Every time I read the Word, I'm convicted of another part of my life where I'm not doing it right. Conviction is a good thing - that's what The Holy Spirit does when you belong to Him. I've been convicted of not living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He left us with The Great Commission in Matthew 28, and anything short of that...is sin. Because we know that His commands are right, and James 4:17 says, "Whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin." It doesn't fall into some gray area when you fall short - it's sin, and the Father hates it.

The Word is not a suggestion - it is life. It is sin for you to drive past that homeless person and do nothing. It is sin to continue to live in materialism, knowing fully that it's the opposite of the lifestyle Jesus demonstrated. It is sin to know your friends and coworkers are lost, yet keep God's love to yourself - in fear that you might get judged or laughed at. 

When God convicted me of those things, I knew my life had to change. That's why I left everything behind in 2017. I no longer answer to people or conform to this world. God is my everything, and His opinion is the only opinion that matters to me. His words are so clearly written on the tablet of my heart that I can't help but live this way. I do it, because it's right. Not because it's easy.

With all of that being said, I do not live with reckless abandon. My words and actions are guided by the Holy Spirit. He tells me where to go, what to pray for, and He tells me what to think. I don't do it perfectly, but perfect is the goal.

I truly believe we as Christians today have completely missed the true meaning of grace. Friends...grace is not freedom to keep sinning. That's beyond twisted. Grace, as I've come to understand it, is the freedom to live as Christ did. When you accept His love, when you begin to walk in a relationship with God Himself, and when you have the Holy Spirit guiding your every move and convicting your heart...there's no room for sin. When God truly enters your life, sin becomes but a distant memory. The fullness of His presence leaves no room for the trash of this world. When you live under grace, you live to a higher standard, and you live under the calling of Jesus Christ.

I have the freedom to speak this truth to you, because I lived a life of sin. My life was the complete opposite of everything I'm saying to you. I lived in the depths of addiction, alcoholism, despair, pornography, womanizing, theft, and lies for 26 straight years - all while calling myself a "Christian". What God has done in my heart and life in the last 3 years is nothing short of miraculous. Just ask one of my friends. I'm not the same person anymore, because grace pardoned my sin and challenged me to live differently. 

Shifting gears a bit...God very clearly called me to put roots down in Oregon, but He didn't say when. As it stands today, I do not have the means to get a place to live, even if I wanted to. Yes, I could go back to the life of a salary and benefits - I have a Marketing degree from a great school and some killer talents. But that's the opposite of what God wants for my life today. He called me into faith - to walk on the water, just as Peter did. My heart remains steadfast, and my trust in Him will not waiver.


Today, I woke up in a tent with purple fingers. That's not ok, so I'm going to continue down the Pacific coast to find some warmer weather (unless the Spirit leads me elsewhere). I'll return to Oregon when the time is right. Until then, my mission remains the same: share Jesus with every person I encounter, continue to walk in faith, and keep glorifying God with my creativity. 

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May God bless you and keep you! Much Love. -Zack 

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