Jan 30 - Read & Reflect

One Day at a Time blog from Zack Gudzan, Founder of CLTIVATE

If I'm not reading, I'm not learning. Honestly, it's rare that I ever want to read. But something happens every time I get into a book, my Bible, or a devotional/meditation. My passion comes alive again, my creativity gets sparked, and my purpose becomes rich. 

Further, what's the point in all of this if we can't take a moment to reflect? I have to pause several times a day, just to enjoy the moment. Try not to get too lost in the mundane today, and take time to think about what matters. Think about God. Think about the purpose in everything. Set aside time to read & reflect. 

"My meditation of Him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the Lord."
PSALM 104:34



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