Jan 3

One Day at a Time - Zack Gudzan Blog

I have a confession: I watched The Bachelor last night.

It was the first night – the one where all the girls compete to make a good first impression.

Half the girls wore red dresses, and they all looked the same.

One girl wore a shark costume. Sure, it was funny and original, but it made me wonder how many people out there are wearing masks today…

Behind your makeup, your clothes, your shoes, your hair, your job, your car – it all looks great, but who are you really?

I drank and partied to mask who I really was inside.

I didn’t want people to see my shaky hands, so I’d get drunk before going to dinner with friends.

I wanted to fit in, so I joined a frat and wore Sperry’s for a while. 

I didn’t want people to see me depressed, so I partied until I could smile.

It took a long time for me to start being real. 27 years to be exact. But man…life is so good now. I don’t have to fake it anymore. We’re all human – might as well own your past and use it to help other people.

Fake attracts fake. Real attracts real.

Which will you choose? The shark costume? The red dress that everyone else has? Or will you dare to be yourself?

“Heavenly Father, thank you for making me. Thank you for my past – all the trouble I’ve been through, all the heartache, the pain, and the mistakes. Thank you for the good times, too. You made me unique. You set me apart. I pray that you would give me the courage to be myself today. Today, I will take off the mask. Instead of trying so hard to please others, I will live to please only you, God. Please walk with me today, and fill me with your presence. Amen.”


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