Jan 24 - Comparison

I spend so much time trying to improve. I need more Instagram followers, I need to get stronger, I need to run faster, I need new clothes, I want the Jeep I saw yesterday, I need to do more with my non-profit, etc. Why? Because I see other people with those things, and their lives look great.

Comparison will make you really unhappy.

What I don't see is how long it took them to get there, what they had to give up, what their credit card bills look like, how much debt they have, their broken relationships, and their pain on the inside. 

Comparison will make you really unhappy. It will blind you to the good things in your life - that you already have.

Today, I will be thankful that I had food to eat, that I have a God who rescued me, that I have an awesome German Shepherd, I have a vehicle that works, a place to sleep, books to read, a great sense of humor, infinite creativity, and 24 hours to enjoy this crazy thing called life.

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