Jan 16 - Decisions

Decisions - Zack Gudzan CLTIVATE Blog. One day at a time

Think about how many decisions you make in a day: 

To snooze or get out of bed? What to eat? What to wear? Which route to work? And a million others. 

My life hinges upon one major decision every single day: to drink, or not to drink. Some days it's conscious, other days it isn't. Some days I'm tempted, other days I'm not. 

My point is, if I choose to drink, I need to consider the long-term effects of that decision. For starters, I will have wasted the past 2+ years of hard work, CLTIVATE will die, my friends and family members will be crushed, and my future wife and kids will have a messy life (if I even make it out alive). 

Our decisions affect others. Always. Even long after we're gone. Keep that in mind today. 

"A righteous man walks in his integrity - how blessed are his sons after him."


"God, I pray that you would guide my steps according to your perfect purpose. Please keep me safe today. I turn my will over to you today, and I rest my decisions in you. Lord, remove my selfishness, that I may see how my choices affect the people around me. Fill me with wisdom, Lord, and help my unbelief. Amen."



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