Hiking with Jesus

I love exploring the outdoors, especially hiking. There's something about finding new trails and pathways that brings out the wonder in my soul. The actual hike is always invigorating, but I think it's deeper than just exploring. It's spiritual.

We all take different paths in life, and I took the path of destruction. The party life. Womanizing. Drugs. Alcohol. Whatever it took to avoid the disciplines of life.

Much of that was intentional, and much of it was immaturity. The path of sin and darkness most certainly ends in death. Suicide, actually. That's where it led me. Thankfully, God repurposed and redirected my path. He showed me a new way.

It's fascinating, because I didn't really make a U-turn. There was no moment where I suddenly knew how to make things right. In my darkest hour, I cried out for help, and Jesus arrived in a flood of tangible peace. All I really knew in that moment was that I had really messed up, and that God was my only option. I was so broken that my only choice was to trust Someone other than myself.

Jesus didn't condemn me and tell me to change my behavior. Instead, He revealed a new path for me. He opened my eyes to a trail I never noticed before. On September 29, 2014, right there on my bedroom floor, I decided to take His hand and walk with Him. Literally. It was a decision, but it wasn't exactly conscious/mental. It was spiritual. For the first time, I made a decision with my spirit and not my flesh. There was no thought process, really. I simply started walking to an AA meeting. Literally, walking.

I've been clean and sober since that day. I kept going to meetings, and I kept reading my Bible. It's so much more than reading the Bible, though. It's about doing what it says. That's where life really happens.

There are many paths in life, and there are many paths to sobriety and recovery. There's only one pathway to heaven, though. Scripture is super clear about that. His name is Jesus. He is the way. It's not a theory, and it's not a religion. It's my real-life experience.

Jesus is still walking with me, and it's still literal. When you see me hiking and adventuring on Instagram, that's what's really going on. I'm walking with Jesus. The "walk" isn't some spiritual metaphor, it's actual. Every road, every trail...He walks with me.

"Sink the Bible to the bottom of the ocean, and still man's obligations to God would be unchanged. He would have the same path to tread, only his lamp and guide would be gone; the same voyage to make, but his chart and compass would be overboard!" -Henry Ward Beecher

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:6


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