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Feb 4 - Black Cloud

We all have dark days - days where life just doesn't feel like the best thing ever. Depression is very real, and if you struggle with that, I feel your pain. What you do in the dark moments will define who you are - it's a test of your true character. Will you dwell in that darkness? Or will you let God remove that black cloud?

I just have to do my best today. One Day at a Time blog.

Today, I just have to do my best. That's all God wants. I have to ask for His help, I have to think pure thoughts, and I will have the strength to get through this day with a smile on my face.

"God, I surrender completely to you today. I'm struggling with fear and depression. Please lift that from me. You took my alcoholism, and today I ask you to take my depression. Help me to be happy. Help me to smile. I give you my financial insecurity, my selfish desires, my work, all of it. I need you to overwhelm me with your goodness today, God. Please keep me sober today, just like you did yesterday. I will do whatever it takes to get closer to you. Please walk with me today. Amen."



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