Feb 26 - Explore

If you spend all your time on the tracks, you'll eventually get hit by a train.

I spent most of my 20's doing what everyone else does: partying, going to work, sitting in traffic, chasing girls, spending all my money, and doing my best to have fun. I meant well, but it didn't always seem to work in my favor, and I didn't understand why. None of it seemed truly fulfilling, and I always knew there had to be more to life. I kept drinking and partying to pass the time, and time did pass. The thought of drinking began to scare me, because I knew I couldn't stop. The thought of not drinking also scared me, because I didn't know any other way. Then it all came crashing down.

When life became unbearable, I had to make a choice: end it all, or find a new way. For me to even consider doing something, it has to be worth it. If sobriety wasn't worth it, I certainly wouldn't be around today. 

Finding a new way to live forced me out of my comfort zone. I learned to spend time outside and explore creation, take an interest in others' lives, exercise, see life through a different lens, and truly appreciate all the great and mysterious intricacies of life. Through this journey, I've found a level of creativity within myself that I didn't know I had. There's a reason people say you're capable of anything - because it's true.

Be wild, explore creation, do uncomfortable things, and dare to be different. One day at a time blog by Zack Gudzan

Be WILD, go outside, EXPLORE creation, do uncomfortable things, and DARE to be DIFFERENT. Let others be regular. Let them be hungover tomorrow. Let them pay the price. You're called to something greater: peace, happiness, and a fulfilled heart. 


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