Feb 24 - Fire

When I turned my will over to God & asked Him to remove my alcoholism, my life skyrocketed. A job opportunity seemingly fell from the sky in Charlotte, my fears quickly began to disappear, my creativity came back in full force, and I was on fire. The lights came back on, and suddenly I was able to see life for what it really is: AWESOME.

As time has passed in sobriety, I've experienced phases of depression, heartache, mental obsession, moments of immeasurable joy, and various other peaks and valleys. That's life, I think.

Because I've experienced real darkness, I will do whatever it takes to keep this fire burning. -Zack Gudzan, Founder of CLTIVATE

Through it all, that fire still burns within me. It's because I feed the fire - I know how to keep it going:

Pray in the morning, and pray at night. Surround myself with winners. Confide my fears in another human being. Make an effort to mend broken relationships. Be kind to everyone - even when I don't feel it. Exercise, eat healthy food, laugh, go outside, be creative, take chances, be authentic, and try not to take everything so seriously.

Because I've experienced real darkness in my life, I will do whatever it takes to keep this fire burning. What will I do today to feed the fire within my soul? 

"Heavenly Father, thank you for restoring my soul. Today, I seek your presence, and I pray that you would consume me with a spirit of kindness, peace, compassion, vigor, and joy. May this fire shine through me - make me warm to those around me. I pray that you would continue to take my alcoholism, my doubts, and my fears. Replace them with strength, wisdom, and discernment. I pray that your will would be done in my life, and I thank you for the gift of today. Amen!"


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