Feb 23 - Less Is More

There's so much freedom in having less. Sobriety teaches me that the things I enjoy the most are not material: running, laughing, serving others, hiking, enjoying creation, and not waking up with hangovers!

Less is more. One day at a time blog - Zack Gudzan

I consider myself very lucky to have hit rock bottom. Sure, starting over was tough, but it taught me what it's like to have nothing. It taught me how to live freely. I didn't have gas money, so I walked everywhere and got to spend time with God. I didn't have many friends left, so I got to spend time getting to know myself. I couldn't go to the bars, so I spent that time in the gym. As I kept doing these things, one day at a time, my life became full again. Full of things I never had before: healthy relationships, physical strength, energy, feelings, and time. 

Today, I find myself wanting less stuff, and more joy. I can honestly say that less is more!


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