Feb 20 - Expect Nothing

Give, and expect nothing in return. That's how you get someone's attention.

During my heavy partying days, I often thought, "What's the point in trying to be good? It always backfires." That logic brought me to a dark, dark place - complete rebellion, and a lot of trouble. If I was going to do something kind, I expected something in return. I honestly never considered any other way.

One day at a time blog - Expect nothing in return

What I've learned in sobriety is that it doesn't have to pay off. If I expect something in return, it isn't giving. Selfless acts are the most gratifying form of giving. Sure, some people will take advantage of that sort of strategy, but the end result is that I'm doing the right thing. God has already shown me that He favors that kind of life. 

"Father, you are good, and I trust you completely. Today, I ask for nothing. You are to be praised, and I owe you my life. I'm weary of asking for things and money. You know my needs and you know my heart. You have always given me enough for today. I pray that your will would become my own, and that you would rid my soul of selfishness. You are God. To be loved by you is the greatest gift of all. I live for you today. Amen."


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