Feb 17 - Self-Esteem

If I want self-esteem, I must do esteemed things.

Self-Esteem - One day at a time blog. CLTIVATE / Zack Gudzan

Temptation will keep returning if I give in. When I give in to temptation (and it comes in many forms), I feel very distant from God. Especially when it's something I've promised not to do again. If not for God's grace, I'd be in pretty bad shape. 

There's a direct correlation between my self-esteem and my ability to resist temptation. I know what I need to do: Pray. 

"Lord, I feel tempted. Please give me the strength to do the right thing. Please fix my mind on something good. I pray that you would make my heart new again and that you would surround me with the Spirit. Surround me with good people, and give me the courage to be the person you've called me to be. Above all else, I seek your favor. For I know that when you are pleased, I'm at my very best. Amen."


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