Be Still - You'll Accomplish More

 From Elle's Cafe & Coffee in the hill country of Austin, TX:

2019 is already off to a mind-blowing start, and I can't even keep up with my own life. God has taught me a few things about life, though, and here's a major key:

When everything is crazy and too much...when I'm doing my best and still can't keep's best to slow down. It's best to bring my fears and anxieties to the throne of my Creator. It's best be still and acknowledge that He is God, and I am not.

"I don't have time" is the worst possible excuse for anything. I do have time. I do have time to write, I do have time to spend with my friends, I do have time to serve others, and I most certainly have time to spend with God. I have eternal life. ETERNAL LIFE. I'm literally made of infinite time lol. The least I can do is stop, acknowledge the Maker of everything, and allow His perfect peace to consume the entirety of my circumstances. If I'm not moving with peace, love, and grace...I shouldn't be moving at all.

Writing has always served as a healthy release for my's a place where I can let it all out, think aloud without fear of judgment, tell the entire truth of my heart, and be still. It's a shower for the soul - a time of cleansing, and that in itself is why I should be writing more often.

Even so, there are times when pictures speak louder than words. I'm so thankful God decided to grace me with an overflowing passion for writing AND photography. It's as if He knew I'd need these gifts for the journey I'm on ;)

Below are some pics from the first week of this crazy journey of faith. I hope God speaks through these images and uses them to bless and inspire your soul!


Taken on January 1...I felt strangely compelled to take this random backroad in the middle of Kansas, and it ended up being exactly what I needed. No crazy encounter, just a big, solid, blue sky reminder that God is so much bigger than my plans, and there's no possible way to accomplish my purpose without my Creator. It was also 15 degrees outside, so I decided it might be wise to keep going.


Peyton is the kind of soul who makes you think, "Dang...I wanna be like that." Such a child-like sense of wonder in her spirit, and it did wonders for my soul just to worship Jesus alongside her at the Onething Conference in Kansas City.

If you want to be constantly blessed and inspired, follow this rockstar on Instagram: @peyyyyyyy

 Here's what it looks like when 20,000+ souls gather to enter the new year worshipping Jesus together. Onething was such a blessing, and I got to meet a ton of new brothers and sisters in Christ. If you ever feel alone in your walk with God, please remember you have millions upon millions of brothers and sisters who are walking the same path! 

Drove out to Wichita, Kansas to spend some quality time with Stephany and Chris. Maybe it's crazy to drive 3 hours to meet up with Instagram friends you haven't met before in real life, but I can tell you this: it was worth it. There's great power in friendship, and it's wildly important to surround yourself with winners. These two are winners. Surround yourself with people who support your belief in pizza.

Follow: @cchulk and @missstephhlee 

Always thought Kansas was boring. Funny...all I had to do was look for the beautiful, and I found it everywhere.


Joy doesn't need a filter. Woke up in a real bed, in a real hotel, with the real Jesus on January 2nd. Beds and showers are the first things I learned to truly appreciate on this journey.

Here's what it's all about: using the Gospel Van to bless a bunch of people. Got to load her up with care packages in Dallas and give them out to our homeless friends!


Following Jesus doesn't always look like sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it often looks like an overpass full of hungry, hurting souls. Also, huge shoutout to the Myers/Jones family for putting this together in Dallas and for letting me stay in their beautiful home for a few days!!!! This is love.

Still don't really have words for this encounter. All I know is God showed up, and Charles has a special, special place in heaven. I get chills every time I look at this picture. May we never underestimate the eternal value of the human soul.


Richard has been living on the streets for 13 straight years, yet he still clings to his faith. A humbling reminder that outward circumstances do not define who we are.

That's just part of what's going on out here, but I wanted to take some time and share the journey with you. I love sharing this with you - please know if you've contributed to this mission in any's your mission, too.

Much Love,

-Zachary Gudzan

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