CLTIVATE exists to help people find joy and freedom in sobriety. We provide direct support to people battling addiction through events and social media. While 12-step meetings are incredibly important, there's way more to recovery than sitting in church basements.
At the end of 2016, I left my full-time job to pursue this vision with all of my heart. I have no salary and zero benefits. This was a total leap of faith, and I trust God completely.

I started CLTIVATE because a few things were missing in my own recovery: sober friends, fun, and true accountability. The time to be anonymous is over. The whole "choose your own Higher Power" concept always bothered me, too. His name is God, and people need to know that.
-Zack Gudzan, Founder
Sobriety Date: 9-29-14
zack@cltivate.com | @CLTIVATE

This is still extremely new, and we need a ton of help building this non-profit. Straight up, the greatest need is funding. If you could spare $10, it'd be a huge help!


On August 1, we're hitting the road to take this mission all over the United States. We'll be hosting recovery meetups, serving at treatment centers and halfway houses, speaking in recovery groups, churches, & universities, sharing incredible recovery stories with you, and more! We need to raise $50K by August 1 for any of this to be possible.

Here are two easy ways you can help:

1) Donate.
Every dollar goes directly into our Charlotte meetups and events, our upcoming journey, and paying the bills to keep providing direct support to people who ask for help.  
2) Buy a CLTIVATE shirt, hat, or tank - and post your pics to Instagram!
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